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The Ohio Trading Post uses the social networking sites Facebook and Yahoo Groups to give members
a unique and exclusive marketplace to buy sell trade anything from antiques to real estate

The OTP Network has buy sell trade groups for each of the 88 Ohio counties,
plus parts of West Virginia and Southeast Indiana
Special Groups
Ohio Antiques  
Buy sell trade antiques
on the OTP Networks
antique trade group

Now Parting
Buy sell trade used
auto parts on the OTP
Networks very own
online junk yard group
Buy sell trade
cars, trucks, furniture, antique, household goods, farm equipment, pets, livestock, atvs, appliances, electronics, boats

The OTP Network uses Facebook & Yahoo groups to give
members unique and productive advertising choices.

Buy Sell Trade on Facebook
Posting picture ads and interacting with customers couldn't be easier
then on Facebook and the OTP Network has a facebook buy sell trade
group for each Ohio county. Joining one of our groups is just a few
clicks away for facebook members. If you're not a facebook member
just visit any of the Ohio Trading Post Networks trade groups to sign up

Buy Sell Trade on Yahoo
The OTP Network is in its 10th year on yahoo groups.
When you post an ad to most classified ad sites you must wait for
someone to visit the site to see your ad. But when you post on a
Ohio Trading Post group your ad is posted to the site and also emailed
to all members. Thousands of members will receive your ad by email
when its posted. Imagine thousands of Ohio members getting an email
telling them what you have for sale!You don't have to be a member to
see the ads, but you do have to join in order to post ads and receive emails.
Thanks for visiting the OTP Network. I didn't start this site because of my great computer skills, I started it because I love to "wheel & deal". If you do too, this is the place for you. I hope you enjoy it and come back often. ...Doug
Now In our 10th year
Thousands of members!
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