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The Ohio Trading Post is a statewide buy sell trade group and is the hub of the Ohio Trading Post Network.
We have thousands of members located throughout Ohio that buy sell trade anything from antiques to real
estate. The Ohio Trading Post serves all of Ohio and uses the social networking sites Yahoo Groups
and Facebook to give members a unique and productive advertising place.

The Ohio Trading post Network is a network of more then 100 trade groups located throughout Ohio and beyond.
For more info about the Ohio Trading Post Network or to find a trading post in other regions
please visit our hompage at ohiotradingpost.net

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you do have to join in order to post ads

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The Ohio Trading Post Network consists of the 5 regional trading posts linked below and a local trading post for each Ohio county.
Just click on your region below to find your local trading posts.
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NorthEast Ohio Trading Post
Central Ohio Trading Post
SouthWest Ohio Trading Post
SouthEast Ohio Trading Post
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